Demo EP 2013

by Deleter

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Limited to 17 hand-written CD-Rs


released April 2, 2013

vocals/guitar: recorded at eric's practice spot, brooklyn ny
guitar/bass: recorded at the apartment, brooklyn ny
drums: flstudio 10



all rights reserved


Deleter Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Let the Master Answer
We live in dread
and reap what we sow
modifying genes
with cancer we’ve grown
grieving for losses
autonomy sold
we’re nowhere near the gods
the commercials fortold
were nowhere near the images
tattoed on our souls
we’re nowhere near the gods
the scriptures fortold
lost the way in temples
built by the old
we’re nowhere near the gods
the television fortold

theres no we
i will turn on you
there’s no free
those masters bought me too
theres no we
i will turn on you
the marketplace
already bought me too

we drink in spit
and thank who we owe
ratnests for comfort
and taxes on woe
inferior goods
for inferior souls
were nowhere nears the kings
we made believe we were told
were not the millionaires
weve been forced to behold
were not the deities
lore carved into stone
were not the peasantry
fooled to be slow
and were not the fucking bastards
worth pennies on the bone

who ever fell for product placement?
glossy alternatives for new generations

were nowhere near the gods they said we’d behold

let the master answer
Track Name: Nervous Habits of the Unsung
Why would we ever want to step foot outside the door?
why would we ever leave, ever leave our home?

we never want it
we never need it
but we always find a way to get it
we dont need no reason to forget
what we never did
we always want it
we always need it
but we never seem to know the problem
we dont need no reason to forget
but we never did
nervous habits of the unsung
of the unholy, of the undone
we dont need no reason to escape
and we never will

all i want to do is destroy you
i gnaw my nails as roaches crawl by
this den of hell we built ourselves
means nothing as the years drag by
these prefabricated walls hide the truth
hide our guilt, hide the proof
may floodwaters crash in through the roof

may we disappear from the unknown

all i want to do is ignore you
i crack my hands as i ask why
city fines and credit lines
peeling paint and garbage lives
it smells like filth and gas in here
all i own is piss beer
out of luck and filled with fear

may we kill ourselves in the unknown

and i cannot tell what you think the big deal is

all i need to do is destroy you
my voice trails off as i explain why
with words not found id make a sound
if i were god id burn this building down
paying rent on our stinking tombs
we’ve always been meant, meant to lose
theres only escape if you choose

to dive into the fucked unknown

your second chance was already spent
youre a noxious fume, a zero percent
and theres no time left to repent
like we ever could anyway
Track Name: Bad Medicine
When I stomp along the earth
I shake one fixture at a time
When I swing clenched arms
I miss the target everytime
when i take the left hand path
i never make it home
and when i drink my sorrows man
you hear them take their toll

i dont want no medicine
i dont want the cure
i dont want no goals or plans
i just want to break my hands

when I cross over the void
I lose my resolve all the time
i strike the wall with a vicious speed
and bail from the wreckage just in time
we don’t get no education
we dont get no vaccines
all we get is bad medicine
cause we dont deserve what we need

i dont need a prognosis
i dont need the cure
i dont have no dreams or plans
i just want to smash my hands

when the fear of death is over
and it’s played out
what else will be left
for us to scream about?
when the death scene is over
and it fades out
what fear would be left
for snake oil salesmen to profit on?
Track Name: Satanists
Bonded in sheik romance
body paints and pagan dance
we lull ourselves into a trance
to witness the fall of Rome
we carve each other
for the rush of lust
we starve each other
with moonlights dust
you curve into the cityscape
while they march into our homes



pale skinned spectres of want
the season of the witch has come
theyve slipped their poison in the well
and we drink deep never alone

when you turn your back to me
you shimmer and i sigh
and when you turn around again
i know the reasons why

we all wander cause were all lost
we scale the mountain at all cost
theres no comfort in the pentecost
the pentagram has us torn in five places