Nervous Habits of the Unsung

from by Deleter

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Why would we ever want to step foot outside the door?
why would we ever leave, ever leave our home?

we never want it
we never need it
but we always find a way to get it
we dont need no reason to forget
what we never did
we always want it
we always need it
but we never seem to know the problem
we dont need no reason to forget
but we never did
nervous habits of the unsung
of the unholy, of the undone
we dont need no reason to escape
and we never will

all i want to do is destroy you
i gnaw my nails as roaches crawl by
this den of hell we built ourselves
means nothing as the years drag by
these prefabricated walls hide the truth
hide our guilt, hide the proof
may floodwaters crash in through the roof

may we disappear from the unknown

all i want to do is ignore you
i crack my hands as i ask why
city fines and credit lines
peeling paint and garbage lives
it smells like filth and gas in here
all i own is piss beer
out of luck and filled with fear

may we kill ourselves in the unknown

and i cannot tell what you think the big deal is

all i need to do is destroy you
my voice trails off as i explain why
with words not found id make a sound
if i were god id burn this building down
paying rent on our stinking tombs
we’ve always been meant, meant to lose
theres only escape if you choose

to dive into the fucked unknown

your second chance was already spent
youre a noxious fume, a zero percent
and theres no time left to repent
like we ever could anyway


from Demo EP 2013, released April 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Deleter Brooklyn, New York

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